Blainey, Geoffrey: Before I Forget: An Early Memoir

Geoffrey Blainey

Before I Forget: An Early Memoir, Penguin Books, Melbourne, 2019; electronic version available

Before I Forget is the long-awaited memoir from Professor Geoffrey Blainey – Australia’s most significant and popular historian – that tells the story of the first forty years of his life, from his childhood to his career as historian and writer … Warm, insightful and lyrically written, Before I Forget recounts the experiences and influences that have shaped the astonishing mind of Australia’s most loved historian. But in this book Blainey has given us something more – a fascinating and affectionate social history in and of itself. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Derek Abbott. Other reviews: Nick Jensen in Reaction; Peter Craven in the Sydney Morning Herald; Ross Fitzgerald in the Sydney Institute Review of Books. The author talks to Phillip Adams on ABC Late Night Live.

The book could be read in conjunction with Richard Allsop’s Geoffrey Blainey: Writer, Historian, Controversialist, Monash University Publishing, Melbourne, 2020.

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