Blackwood, Gemma: Resurrection of Australiana

Blackwood, Gemma

Pass the iced vo-vos: the resurrection of Australiana‘, The Conversation, 26 November 2014

The author notes an emerging trend in Australian popular cultural forms, involving a

reinvigorated interest in Australiana – material visual culture that is visually themed as Australian – appearing in an era in which other forms of flag-waving nationalistic feeling are held deeply suspect. This is tongue-in-cheek nationalism, an image of the country as seen through the rose-coloured lens of Dame Edna’s diamante cat-eye glasses, reeking strongly of eucalyptus oil and Vegemite.

The article looks at fashion, design, art, television, cookery and other cultural forms and finds that nostalgia kitsch is strong. Internal links to a number of other references.

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