Australian War Memorial Annual Report, another new exhibition and Story Time

The Australian War Memorial’s Annual Report 2015-16 is now available on the Memorial’s website. From our quick look the Memorial’s overall visitor numbers seem much the same as last year though there are the usual quirks in measurement which mean a bit of work is required in making comparisons. Ditto with the website visitor numbers which we were critical of last time round; we used the terms ‘loose’, ‘confusion’, ‘spin’, ‘obfuscation’, and ‘element of mystery’.

We’ll have a closer look at the report and provide further analysis later. (It has some nice pictures.) Meanwhile, we note the opening of the Memorial’s small exhibition of Ben Quilty paintings (The Longest War) which we hope to review soon, along with other current exhibitions at the Memorial. Quilty focuses on the impact of war on families. This focus is welcome.

Meanwhile, we looked in vain for some recognition at the Memorial of the centenary of the first conscription plebiscite, 28 October. Nothing that we could see, though it could have been hidden somewhere in the Memorial’s revamped website. There is, however, ‘Story Time’ at 10.30 am tomorrow: ‘Hear stories of brave animals, extraordinary people, and faraway places, brought to life through puppets, uniforms, and educational toys’. (Facebook plug.)

David Stephens

27 October 2016 updated


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