A Nobel achievement, partly Australian, unsung by the Australian government: the Nobel Peace Prize goes to ICAN

ICAN (the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) has received its Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in Oslo. Margaret Beavis writes from the Medical Association for Prevention of War; Dr Beavis is an ICAN Board member. Also this from Tilman Ruff, one of the founders of ICAN in Australia a decade ago, along with Sue Wareham, a foundation committee member of Honest History, and one of our distinguished supporters.

As noted previously, the Australian government, which has bagged and boycotted and tried to nobble the most recent 122 nation international effort to ban nuclear weapons (the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons), has pretty much kept its collective lip buttoned about this award. It did, however, around the time of the original announcement of the ICAN win, make much of the success of an Australian young man in the sport of ice hockey.

There is a function in Canberra on Wednesday to mark this award. Here is the video of the Oslo ceremony. Ramesh Thakur comments (The Conversation/Pearls and Irritations).

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11 December 2017 updated

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