599 submissions to National Capital Authority on War Memorial Early Works Approval application

Update 26 May 2021: Number of submissions rounds out at exactly 600

NCA Chief Executive, Sally Barnes, advises Senate Estimates (from mark 8.00) that the final number of submisssions received is exactly 600, with the admission of a late comer. So far, 263 submitters have agreed to their submissions being published.

Update 10 May 2021: Tom McIlroy in Australian Financial Review

‘Banners promoting values including curiosity and comradeship, as well as mateship, patriotism and chivalry, will be used to shield construction areas around the memorial.’ Quotes from MAPW, Architects, former AWM officer, Stewart Mitchell, and Heritage Guardians. Pdf from our subscription.

Update 7 May 2021: Peter Stanley talks on ABC 666 Drive

From mark 53.00.

Update 7 May 2021: Archives military records disintegrate while War Memorial expands; record number of submissions to NCA

Katina Curtis and Shane Wright in Nine Newspapers compare the fate of deteriorating military records at the National Archives of Australia with the top-class treatment related records will get at the Memorial, as it grows. Their piece concludes with a mention of the 599 submissions to the NCA. More from them on the Archives.

Andrew Brown writes in the Canberra Times on the 599 submissions – and gives a free kick to the Memorial spokesperson. Meanwhile, Frank Bongiorno writes in Inside Story about the Archives’ need to lift its game.

Update 6 May 2021: The NCA has advised that 599 submissions is the largest number it has ever received on a consultation. It may even allow a few late submissions in. Previous high numbers in recent months were 187 on the Acton-Lake development and 122 on the North Curtin horse paddocks development.


This update has appeared on the NCA website:

Update 5 May 2021

Public consultation on the Australian War Memorial Early Works package closed on 30 April 2021. The National Capital Authority received 599 submissions. The NCA is reviewing each submission to identify key issues and suggestions to determine if modifications to the proposal are required. A consultation report addressing these matters will be released to the public. The NCA does not anticipate this process will be finalised before the end of June.

The NCA is currently seeking agreement from people who made submissions to the public consultation process to have their submissions released publicly and placed on the NCA website.

6 May 2021

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