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Honest History promotes balanced consideration of Australian history by offering contesting, evidence-based interpretations to students, teachers, universities, journalists and the public. We challenge the misuse of history to serve political or other agendas.

The Memorial that destroyed itself: excavator about to dig a big hole at the Australian War Memorial, 18 September 2021


Margaret Simons on the ABC on the responsibilities of journalists who use social media

Henry Reynolds on war, its effects, and why we keep doing it: AUKUS anyone?

Gareth Knapman on Bain Attwood on terra nullius

Matthew Haultain-Gall’s book on how Australians boast about our Great War in France but how (and why) they are less interested in what we did in Belgium; Romain Fathi’s review

David Stephens on how arms manufacturers are the real winners from the tragedy of Afghanistan

Paul Daley in Guardian Australia on the ‘bullshit’ prime ministers spout about how soldiers never die in vain; Sue Wareham in Pearls & Irritations on the same topic

Ben Roberts-Smith (innocent until found guilty), Kerry Stokes, Paul Brereton, Brendan Nelson, Matt Anderson, the War Memorial: keeping up with the latest

A build for the times – or an extravagant folly?

Heritage Guardians: a campaign against the proposed $498m extensions to the Australian War Memorial

When it is all said and done, only 13 per cent of Australians in a national poll believed the money should be spent on the Memorial rather than on health, education, and services to veterans (photo: Anzac Hall vandalised; credit: Alex Ellinghausen).

Arms and the War Memorial: let’s spend on health, not arms and submarines

Does defence spending lead to wars – and does it make any sense against pandemics?; Sue Wareham on prioritising health spending rather than arms spending

Looking back

Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been