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Enlistments-1-1024x376CRUCIAL CAPTION: One hundred years ago this month, March 1918, was the worst month of World War I for enlistments in the 1st Australian Imperial Force. The total for the month was just four per cent of the total for the best month (July 1915) and 25 per cent of the average monthly enlistment required by this stage of the war.

David Stephens reviews Michael Pembroke’s Korea: Where the American Century Began

Derek Abbott reviews Griffith Review 59: Commonwealth Now

Rolf Gerritsen reviews an important collection of essays on the Indigenous history of South Australia

The Good Country: The Djadja Wurrung, the Settlers and the Protectors: Ben Wilkie reviews Bain Attwood’s new book

John Shield looks at Don Charlwood’s All the Green Year (1965), on war, depression and change in 20th century Australia

Centenary Watch: Dr Chau Chak Wing sprinkles Anzac dust. Ministerial changes. Bombing of Darwin 76 years on.

9bc6a0f130397209e13364fa88a8b0efHONEST HISTORY HIGHLIGHTS: From 2015, a collection of links to some memorable Australian photographs, including the Herald-Sun‘s examination of Melbourne slums (picture), some West Australian landscapes by Chris Beecroft, and the World War I pictures of Charles Snodgrass Ryan, at the time, and Mike Bowers, since but allowing comparisons (13 March 2018).

Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been