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Honest History promotes balanced consideration of Australian history by offering contesting, evidence-based interpretations to students, teachers, universities, journalists and the public. We challenge the misuse of history to serve political or other agendas.

images (2)Honest History’s submission to the parliamentary inquiry into Australia’s national institutions – and the latest on the War Memorial’s proposed $500m extension

Mark McKenna reviews Griffith Review 60: First Things First

Meredith Lake’s The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History is reviewed by Douglas Hynd

images (3)Odyssey of the Unknown Anzac by David Hastings is reviewed by Seumas Spark

Centenary Watch: Minister Chester’s recent pressers, including War Memorial Council appointments. Centenary of Great War recruitment nadir. ACT electoral redistribution: does Bean count?


MoonCan Trump look Down Under for Space Cadets? ‘You have a true friend down under’, the prime minister began. For her generation, the ‘defining image’ of America was the moon landing in 1969. (She was eight years old at the time, not long arrived in Australia.)

I’ll always remember thinking that day: Americans can do anything.  Americans helped free the world of my parents’ generation. Americans inspired the world of my own youth. I stand here and I see the same brave and free people today. I believe you can do anything still. There is a reason the world always looks to America. Your great dream – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – inspires us all. PM Julia Gillard speaks to the US Congress, March 2011 (19 June 2018)

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Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been