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Honest History promotes balanced consideration of Australian history by offering contesting, evidence-based interpretations to students, teachers, universities, journalists and the public. We challenge the misuse of history to serve political or other agendas.


Lest We Forget again: Anzac Day is an opportunity to confront our violent frontier past and its shadow today, writes David Stephens (picture)

Brendan Nelson’s bunker and with cap in hand: contrasts in funding our national cultural institutions

Denmark does remembrance differently: Peter Stanley’s words and pictures

Derek Abbott reviews Victory on Gallipoli and Other What-ifs of Australian History, edited by Peter Stanley

qe69_moment_of_truth_onlineTjanara Goreng Goreng reviews Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering Ancient Australia, by Billy Griffiths

Michael Piggott reviews Quarterly Essay 69: Moment of Truth: History and Australia’s Future, by Mark McKenna

Anzac season reposts

Five arguments for downsizing Anzac: Honest History’s David Stephens from 2015 (courtesy Teaching History)

Two Anzac speeches 2015: Douglas Newton, author of Hell-bent: Australia’s Leap into the Great War

Patriotism is not about war but in our love of the land: Paul Daley, Guardian Australia, 2016

Centenary Watch: Turkish doco commissioned by War Memorial. Camp Gallipoli epitaph. Changing the guard at Veterans’ Affairs: Liz Cosson is new Secretary as Simon Lewis retires. War Memorial’s donors still top of ‘gunrunners’ league table. The Sir John Monash Centre at Villers-Bretonneux. Minister Chester makes news. ‘Bean’ proposed as name for ACT electorate. Green screen at Campbell.

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HONEST HISTORY HIGHLIGHTS: Adjectival Anzackery: a DVA official hypes the ‘immersive’, ‘state-of-the-art’ Sir John Monash Centre, to be opened at Villers-Bretonneux soon: ‘The design of the centre … envisages an international-standard interpretive centre, with a leading-edge integrated multimedia experience that will provide an evocative, emotional, informative and educational experience for visitors. The centre’s design will, through the use of a range of interpretive multimedia technology, provide a compelling story of Australia’s service and sacrifice on the Western Front.’ Honest History said: ‘[A] massively self-indulgent and boastful boondoggle, replete with meaningless puffery and rash assumptions’. (15 April 2018) 

Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been