Wide-ranging AHA conference in Ballarat nicely captured from a distance via Tweets

Yvonne Perkins, who blogs as Stumbling through the Past, didn’t go to the Australian Historical Association conference in Ballarat this year but she is still keeping in touch by following and collating the Tweets coming out of it (#ozha2016). Yvonne’s take on Day 1 notes papers on heritage, urban and regional history, environmental history (41 papers), Victorian Studies, Indigenous history, and sport. A valuable note for people not in Ballarat.

Stumbling through the Past, by the way, also includes the best set of links we’ve seen to other Australian history websites and blogs. Honest History, for its part, sees the ground of history as equally open to the academic practitioner, the public historian and the protagonists of ‘the politics of history’, among the ranks of whom Honest History often finds itself.

ShowImageSturt Street, Ballarat, 1971 (NAA A1500, 11706039)

Honest History is an Affiliate Member of the AHA. AHA President, Angela Woollacott, and other historians are among Honest History’s distinguished supporters. Honest History recently advertised in the AHA Newsletter for ‘talent’ for the Honest History segment on ABC Local Radio Canberra and was pleased to receive responses from more than twenty historians.

Honest History itself, through secretary David Stephens, will be presenting during August and September at conferences of the Tasmanian History Teachers’ Association, Professional Historians Association Victoria and the History Teachers’ Association of Australia. These presentations will look, among other things, at Honest History’s Alternative Guide to the Australian War Memorial, which has been downloaded more than 1200 times since Anzac Day.

Meanwhile, the Honest History website (commenced November 2013) this week notched up its 2000th post. The site is searchable three ways, with multiple tags reflecting the complexity of Australian history. Our posts are a mixture of original work (we are always on the lookout for new writers to supplement our in-house talent) and links to material in other sources, often out-of-the-way online ones. A typical post will include links to three or four other resources. A quick guide to the site can be found here.

6 July 2016

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