University of SA: Hawke lecture series

University of South Australia

Annual Hawke Lecture Series

Podcasts, audios, some transcripts, some papers from the following wide-ranging speakers and topics going backwards from 2014 to 1998: Hugh White on comparisons between 1914 and 2014; Elizabeth Blackburn on biology and science policy-making; Richard Woolcott on foreign relations; Sylvia Cartwright on international human rights; Geoff Gallop on political activism; Ross Garnaut on climate change; Fiona Stanley on Indigenous health; Michael Kirby on dissent; Greg Combet on consensus; Greg Bourne on sustainability; Irene Khan on human rights; Gareth Evans on peace-making; Noel Pearson on Indigenous Australia; Gus Nossal on scientific research; Mamphela Ramphele on human rights; Zelman Cowen on republicanism; Bob Hawke on a confident Australia.


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