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The Resident Judge of Port Phillip journeys to AHA Ballarat

Update 8 July 2016: Janine has added some more about the next day of the Conference, covering papers on the Red Cross during World War I, Australian soldiers in the Boer War, museums, and living and dying. Of particular interest to Honest History was the launch of the book by Kate Auty and Lynette Russell, Hunt Them, Hang Them, on the judicial executions of Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner in Melbourne in the 1840s. We have noted this incident before on our site. More about the Auty-Russell book.


Yesterday we noted the Twitter-based blog of Yvonne Perkins (Stumbling through the Past) on the Australian Historical Association conference at Ballarat, a town which, at this time of the year does as it likes, weather-wise. (A large number of Tweets from Ballarat refer to warmth welcomed or longed-for.)

ShowImage (1)Begonia Festival Queen, Ballarat, 1966 (NAA A1500, 11647466)

Today, we link to The Resident Judge of Port Phillip, the blog wrangled by Janine Rizzetti. Janine braved Ballarat and has reported on the first and second days of the conference. (Scroll down a bit for day one.) Janine has provided comprehensive comments from her scribbled notes and the abstracts of the conference. Among the papers that took her fancy were these:

7 July 2016

ShowImage (2)Ballarat Commonwealth Office, 1966 (NAA B6295, 30128184)