From the Honest History vault: The Holocaust exhibition at the Australian War Memorial

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day. Not many Australians know that the Australian War Memorial has had since 2016 a permanent exhibition* commemorating the Holocaust, with particular emphasis on that horrific event’s Australian survivors. It was to the great credit of

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Primary school children and honest history

Aint Google amazing? In the week where HH had an interesting exchange with the education people at the Australian War Memorial on teaching children about war, Google turned up an article on a number of US blogs with the fascinating

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General Morrison speaks against sexual violence in war

Chief of Army LT GEN David Morrison was a featured speaker at the Global Summit to end Sexual Violence in Conflict. He noted that at the heart of the issue of sexual violence committed by men in uniform ‘stands the

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World War I contentious questions on ABC RN

ABC Radio National is broadcasting World War One: Memory, Perception and 10 Contested Questions on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 June 2014 from 12 to 5pm. Crucially, the programs will look at why the war began, as well as other often

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Curriculum review interim report released

The preliminary report of the Donnelly-Wiltshire review of the national curriculum has been released, having been with the Minister since the end of March. (Earlier background.) The final report will be with the Minister (though not necessarily released) at the

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New members join the Honest History committee

Honest History is pleased to welcome three new members to its committee: Dr Alison Broinowski, activist, author and former diplomat, of Sydney; Professor Melanie Oppenheimer, academic and author, of Flinders University, Adelaide; Professor Kay Saunders AM, academic and author, of

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Our news pages

Here you will find general news items, Honest History making news, advice of forthcoming events relevant to Honest History or of general interest to Honest History supporters, Centenary Watch (monitoring events associated with the centenary of World War I) and

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