Seccombe, Mike: All up in arms: close ties between government and military industries

Mike Seccombe

All up in arms: close ties between government and military industries‘, Saturday Paper, 25-31 January 2020 (paywall; full copy from the paper we bought!)

Weaves together themes related to what has come to be called ‘the military-industrial-commemorative complex’: donations to the Australian War Memorial by arms companies; former War Memorial Director, Brendan Nelson, taking a job with arms company, Boeing; revolving door between military and industry; Australian efforts to sell arms overseas.

Draws upon interviews with Honest History’s David Stephens, former Secretary of the Defence Department, Paul Barratt, and writer and researcher on the arms trade, Michelle Fahy. Input also from Greens Senator Steele-John and Serena Lillywhite of Transparency International.

For more on these issues, search the Honest History site under relevant terms like ‘arms’ and ‘donors’. Our Search engine links from our home page.

A recent piece in The Economist has a handy graph. Honest History comment on Dr Nelson’s Boeing job. Mike Seccombe podcast.

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