Rizzetti, Janine: Graeme Davison on visions of the future

Rizzetti, Janine

Graeme Davison on visions of the future‘, The Resident Judge of Port Phillip, 31 July 2016

Nice piece from this excellent blog. It riffs off an exhibition in Melbourne (about to close) and an article by Graeme Davison in the Victorian Historical Journal of 1992 which looks at three visions of a future Melbourne, one from 1850, one from 1935 and one from 1969. The dates pegged by the visionaries are all now behind us and it is fascinating to compare their takes with what Melbourne has become – and that is meant in the nicest possible way to all those concerned.

David Stephens

(An old boy of Melbourne pre 1975 but now likely to have to visit there more often for family reasons)

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