Review note: Arts items miscellany

‘Review note: Arts items miscellany’, Honest History, 16 June 2014

Musician and music festival director, Chris Latham, discusses the impact of war service on composers, noting that ‘the trauma caused by the two world wars created a hiatus in the arts, including classical music’. Also on the ABC, playwright Daniel Keene talks about his play, The Long Way Home, which is reviewed here and here. Also here unfavourably. The play examines the impact of service on modern soldiers and their partners.

Revivals of the Charles Chauvel war films, Forty Thousand Horsemen and The Rats of Tobruk, are the subject of Lisa French’s article. Both films had an impact on home front morale during World War II.

Finally, two articles from Meanjin link artistic endeavour with other aspects of our history. Penelope Pether links films and literary works with landmark legal cases and Paul Mitchell looks at Australian novels written since 9/11, particularly novels which give religion a central place.

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