Online Gems: a miscellany of Australian history sites

John Myrtle ( is a Canberra-based researcher and former librarian. John has a database of thousands of Australian history references dating from the early 20th century to the 1970s. Honest History has, for resource reasons, tended to concentrate on material more recent than this, so John’s focus on this earlier period complements Honest History’s collection.

John’s database offers full citations and sometimes a brief comment. Depending on your subject matter needs, John may be able to assist. Honest History is pleased to be able to facilitate use of John’s valuable resource.

John will also be contributing an occasional ‘Online Gems’ column to Honest History, drawing upon his database. Here they are:

No. 1: Myall Creek Massacre

No. 2: Royalty in the Australian Women’s Weekly

No. 3: Canberra’s 1940 air crash

No. 4: Medico-Legal Society of Victoria

No. 5: Medico-Legal Society of Victoria: the experience of war

No. 6: Selected political records of the Commonwealth Parliament

No. 7: Antarctica frozen in Canberra street names

No. 8: Betty Cuthbert, champion athlete

No. 9: Peter Norman: Australia’s greatest male sprinter

No. 10: Official histories of Australia at war

No. 11: The Airlines of Australia Stinson plane crash, 1937

No. 12: David Scott Mitchell and his library, a Sydney icon

No. 13: Researching Australia’s prime ministers

No. 14: Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet: an Australian Nobel Prize winner

13 October 2015 and updated