National Vietnam Veterans Museum; National Veterans Art Museum

As Victoria (and Australia) starts to open up and folks look for places to visit, here’s some information about the National Vietnam Veterans Museum (NVVM) on Phillip Island and the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum (ANVAM) at Southbank.

‘The NVVM’, its website says, ‘seeks to remember, interpret and relate the experience of the veterans of the Vietnam era and the enduring impact of the war on society’. ANVAM’s mission is ‘to promote the wellbeing of the veteran community through facilitated arts programs’.

The Honest History website carries lots of information and commentary about Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War and the impact of that involvement on Vietnam and Australia. (Use our Search engine.) More generally, we have always been strong (like these two museums) on the need to consider not only how well Australians fight but on how war has affected the people whom we have sent to fight and how it has affected their families.

David Stephens

(During the Vietnam War era David was a conscientious objector and a National Service Act defaulter.)

6 October 2021