National Library of Australia Magazine March 2016 edition

The National Library puts out a quarterly magazine. The March one (downloadable two ways or in hard copy at the Library) includes Kristen Alexander writing about her book on ‘aviatrix’ Lores Bonney, Honest History vice president, Alison Broinowski, on Norman Sparnon, an Australian ikebana expert, Honest History president, Peter Stanley, on Belgian commemoration in Burnie 1915, Patricia Clarke on the war letters of LF Giblin, a cameo by Nat Karmichael on Australian cartooning (‘Stop Laughing, This is Serious!’), Barry York on Maltese living near the wharves of Woolloomooloo, Jennifer Gall on Alice Manfield, who hiked Mount Buffalo in stout boots, Nat Williams on Governor Arthur‘s contribution to the extermination of Indigenous Tasmanians, and Nathan Woolley on the Qing Dynasty in China. Every nation has its stories. These are some of ours. Well worth a read. Shame that the magazine is about to fold due to funding cuts.

25 May 2016

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