Morrissey, Doug: Ned Kelly: The Stringybark Creek Police Murders

Doug Morrissey

Ned Kelly: The Stringybark Creek Police Murders, Connor Court Publishing, Brisbane, 2020

Doug Morrissey presents the definitive account of the Stringybark Creek Police Murders. The ambush murder of three policemen at Stringybark Creek in October 1878 was Ned Kelly’s greatest crime. Doug unravels the Stringybark Creek Police Murders, distinguishing myth from fact in an even-handed and scholarly fashion … What he did at Stringybark Creek legally cost Ned Kelly his life. He aggressively chose to confront the police and the die was cast for everything that followed. (extracts from blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Michael Piggott. Morrissey’s first Kelly book. Michael Piggott’s review of Morrissey’s second book in the Kelly trilogy. Other resources on the Kelly myth and its critics. ‘Ned Kelly – False Icon’ Facebook page. Morrissey has written for Honest History on Kelly’s Irishness, Kelly heritage marketing, Kelly movies, and the Irish settlers of South Australia (book review).

Update 1 April 2022: Nabbing Ned Kelly by David Dufty, a new attempt to demythologise Kelly.

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