Menadue, John: Our dangerous ally could drag us into war with China

John Menadue

Our dangerous ally could drag us into war with China‘, Pearls and Irritations, 3 August 2022

The US is the most aggressive and violent country in the world. It is addicted to a belief in its exceptionalism, grounded in aggression and violence both at home and abroad, and finding it hard to admit mistakes …

Apart from brief isolationist periods, the US has been almost perpetually at war.

The record is clear. Time and time again we have allowed ourselves to be drawn into the imperial wars of the UK and then the US. We have forfeited our strategic autonomy.

The article makes a detailed argument as to why the US is a dangerous ally, from its tendency to go to war, to its liking for overthrowing governments overseas. We play along, by purchasing US-made military kit, by prizing ‘interoperability’ with the US military machine, and by suppressing our national interests while pursuing the search for an outside protector.

John Menadue is a former senior public servant and businessman. This article also ran in the Canberra Times. For similar arguments, see Allan Patience and Richard Broinowski.

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