McGuinness, Phillipa: How to… write a book proposal

Phillipa McGuinness

How to … write a book proposal’, AHA Early Career Researchers Blog, 22 June 2017

What a buzzy little production this blog is and this is a really useful short note on it from the Executive Publisher of NewSouth (publishers of The Honest History Book and other fine books). Phillipa presents some good stuff about voice, backing yourself, cutting to the chase, having something to say, thinking about the market, being bold, knowing how to cope with rejection, and lots more.

Writing a good pitch probably helps a lot in writing a half-way decent book that people want to read. ‘Read, learn and inwardly digest’, as someone said. (Memo to self: look up who said that, but probably relegate it to footnote, though endnotes are less intrusive …)

Also … We have noted a number of useful interviews with early career (and some later career) historians posted on this blog. You can get into them by moseying around the blog or from here on our site.

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