Kent, James (dir.): Testament of Youth

Kent, James (dir.)

Testament of Youth, BBC Films and other production companies, UK, 2014

Movie adaptation of Vera Brittain’s memoir, Testament of Youth, first published in 1933. The movie is scripted by Juliette Twohidi and stars Alicia Vykander, Kit Harington, Emily Watson, Dominic West and others. It is a story of love and loss set against the background of the Great War.

Testament of Youth is reviewed for Honest History by David Stephens. Other reviews: links from Rotten Tomatoes; Telegraph (UK); Fairfax; Guardian; Variety; ABC (audio). Brittain’s daughter, Baroness Shirley Williams, talks about her mother and the movie. Again. Again. There’s a nice piece of art ‘Three Veras’ and some text here (scroll down a bit).


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