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Honest History list: wartime spin

One hundred years ago today, 1 September 1914, this item appeared in The Brisbane Courier:




LONDON, Sunday Night

The Government Press Bureau states that its account of the fortunes of the British Expeditionary Forces fully describes the present position. Though messages by correspondents of papers are not forbidden, they should be received with extreme caution, as the information is second or third hand from persons in no condition to tell a coherent story. The informants lack proper perspective.

The BEF were at that time engaged in heavy fighting, the first of the war, around Mons in Belgium. The attempt by British officials was certainly not the first attempt by governments to control war news: one assumes that the people of Sparta received a highly-spun version of the Battle of Thermopylae.

Finding the Courier piece today, however, as Australia seems to be getting into yet another war, encouraged us to find some other material on our site about how governments and journalists work together in wartime and after:

We will be interested to see the extent to which Australian journalists can remain independent reporters of what is happening in Iraq 2014, whether they are ’embedded’ or are merely interpreters of Defence media releases emanating from Canberra.

1 September 2014 updated

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