Honest History contributor John A. Moses is co-author of a new book on World War I

Update 25 April 2019: Salvatore Babones writes in Quadrant, among other things referring to the Moses-Overlack book.


John A. Moses (with Peter Overlack) has written First Know Your Enemy: Comprehending Imperial German War Aims & Deciphering the Enigma of Kultur, a book in which, among other themes, the authors ‘have been at pains to identify the essential peculiarity of the Kaiser’s Germany and have focused sharply on the question of how its war planning impinged on Australasia’. The book is just published by Australian Scholarly Publishing and it can be ordered from the publisher at the link above.

John Moses has contributed a number of pieces to Honest History (use our Search engine). A notable previous book of his (with George F. Davis) was Anzac Day Origins: Canon DJ Garland and Trans-Tasman Commemoration (Barton Books 2013).

Update 27 November 2019: The book was launched in Canberra on 12 November 2019 by Dr Michael Gladwin of Charles Sturt University. Launch speech.

25 February 2019 updated