Hawkins, Jo: Consuming Anzac: The History of Australia’s Most Powerful Brand

Jo Hawkins

Consuming Anzac: The History of Australia’s Most Powerful Brand, UWA Publishing, Perth, 2018

Australians have been consuming Anzac for a century. While commemoration and commerce have never been entirely separate they have become increasingly intertwined. How does the Anzac Industry shape the way we remember war? And why do marketers seek to align their brands with a failed military campaign?

Consuming Anzac reveals how consumer culture has proved central to the contemporary resurgence and proliferation of the Anzac tradition. In probing the ways in which war memory has been produced, marketed and sold since 1915, it offers new insights into the dynamic commercial world and mutually beneficial relationships that underpin the commemoration of war in the twenty-first century. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Michael Piggott. The author talks on Perth public radio, on the ABC, and with Jonathan Dallimore at length for the History Teachers’ Association of NSW. The author in Australian Historical Studies (including full text by courtesy of the author). For other articles by her, use the Honest History Search engine. The author’s PhD thesis, on which the book is based. A related book by Catherine Bond on Anzac and the law; reviewed by Jo Hawkins. The author tweets as HistoryPunk.

Anzackery and commercialisation in New Zealand.

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