Gallop, Geoff & Greg Patmore, ed.: Social democracy and business

Gallop, Geoff & Greg Patmore, ed.

Social democratic parties and business: an historical analysis‘, Labour History, 98, May 2010 (special issue)

Given their traditional links to trade unions and the ideological Left, social democratic parties frequently face questions concerning their relationship with business. Three main issues arise in the labour history literature in regard to this relationship: ideological capture, business lobbying and corruption. The contributions to the thematic section of this issue offer a range of new and, in some ways, confronting, perspectives on the relationship between business and social democratic parties against the background of the push towards neo-liberalism in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom since the 1980s. (abstract of introductory article)

The articles are contributed by Damien Cahill, Drew Cottle, Joe Collins, Murray Goot and others and they include consideration of federal Labor governments in the 1980s.

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