From the Honest History vault: Diane Bell’s reviews of Tom Griffiths and Clare Wright

There are hundreds of book reviews on the Honest History site, but two of the most popular have been Diane Bell’s reviews of Tom Griffiths’ The Art of Time Travel: Historians and Their Craft and Clare Wright’s You Daughters of Freedom: The Australians Who Won the Vote and Inspired the World.

Bell said this of Griffiths:

Read this extraordinary work as a series of satisfying tributes to Australian women and men of account; enjoy the momentum; relish the finely-tuned ear for nurturing ideas as Griffiths brings us back to the home note: the past is prologue.

She said this of Wright:

You Daughters of Freedom is a Big Book about Big Ideas and I have only had the space to highlight a few in this review. There are many more protests, people, proclamations, resolutions, organisations and by-ways to be found in Clare Wright’s book. I urge you to read it; share it with your family, friends and colleagues; make sure your local library has multiple copies; ditto the local book store and newsagent; put it on the list for your reading group.

Emerita Professor Diane Bell is a distinguished anthropologist who has written a number of important books, including Daughters of the Dreaming, Generations: Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters, Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin: A World That Is, Was and Will Be, Evil: a Novel, and Listen to Ngarrindjeri Women Speaking. Her most recent book review for Honest History was of Bruce Pascoe’s anthology, Salt: Selected Stories and Essays.

14 February 2020



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