Frame, Tom, ed.: Anzac Day: Then & Now

Frame, Tom, ed.

Anzac Day: Then & Now, NewSouth, Sydney, 2016

John Connor, Jeff Doyle, Tom Frame, Michael Gladwin, Jeffrey Grey, Carolyn Holbrook, Ken Inglis, Gareth Knapman, John A. Moses, Heather Neilson, Robert Nichols, Christina Spittel and Peter Stanley explore the history of what some have dubbed Australia’s unofficial national day.

Does Anzac Day honour those who died pursuing noble causes in war? Or is it part of a campaign to redeem the savagery associated with armed conflict? Do the rituals of 25 April console loved ones? Or reinforce security objectives and strategic priorities? Contributors explore the early debate between grieving families and veterans about whether Anzac Day should be commemorated or celebrated, the effect of the Vietnam War, popular culture’s reflection on the day and our political leaders’ increasing profile in public commemorations. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Paddy Gourley. Other reviews: Military History and Heritage Victoria.

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