For those who came in late: recently on Honest History

We recall an old television or radio show which ended with the line ‘you have been watching, or you have just missed [name of show]’. This post serves the same purpose. Look out for these recent posts under the thumbnails on our home page:

  • under Top Recent Posts there are posts on subjects as diverse as gaps in the ParlInfo search engine for Parliament of Australia Hansards, the recent election, Gough Whitlam at 100, defence policy, the Irish Easter Rising of 1916, and Brexit;
  • under First Peoples there are items on Indigenous suicide and domestic violence, Indigenous potential, songlines, Treaty, Indigenous voting, and the use of the word ‘invasion’;
  • under Inequality there is a piece on how the election ignored inequality, another on intergenerational inequality and one on the future of inequality.

Or you can go back a bit further by scrolling through Reviews and Features or, for by-lined posts, look for individual authors under References by Author A-Z. To keep in touch with posts as they appear, you can sign up for our various feeds (see ‘Keep in Touch’, top right on our home page).

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19 July 2016