FitzSimons, Peter: Monash’s Masterpiece: The Battle of Le Hamel and the 93 Minutes that Changed the World

Peter FitzSimons

Monash’s Masterpiece: The Battle of Le Hamel and the 93 Minutes that Changed the World, Hachette, Sydney, 2018; e-book available

Peter FitzSimons brings to life the story of the battle of Le Hamel – the Allied triumph masterminded by Australian commander Sir John Monash, whose strategies became the blueprint for modern warfare … Monash planned for the battle to last for 90 minutes – in the end it went for 93. What happened in those minutes changed for the rest of the war the way the British fought battles, and the tactics and strategies used by the Allies. Peter FitzSimons brings this Allied triumph to life, and tells this magnificent story as it should be told. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Andrew Richardson, along with Heroes of Hamel, by Stephen Dando-Collins. Fairfax review (of both books) by Michael McKernan. Review in The Australian by Paul Cleary. Review by Carl Delprat in Compulsive Reader (deliberately or otherwise, Delprat refers to FitzSimons’ books as ‘novels’). Extracts. Another extract. The author talks on ABC Radio.

Other books by Peter FitzSimons reviewed on Honest History: Gallipoli; Fromelles and Pozières; Victory at Villers-Bretonneux. David Stephens’ analysis of FitzSimons as an author. Military history enthusiast Jeff Glover writes about FitzSimons.

Australian War Memorial historian Aaron Pegram writes about Hamel. The Australian War Memorial’s Battle of Hamel virtual reality experience. War Memorial Director Nelson on 2GB. Minister Chester media releaseChester speech. ABC report. Fairfax report. Chris Roberts and Peter Stanley on the inflation of Monash.

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