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E-Newsletter no. 12, 31 March 2014

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Australian voices

Dealing with terror

‘[W]e must learn to manage the risk of terrorism, just as we manage other unavoidable risks, including natural disasters, economic catastrophes, violent crime, and traffic accidents. It means arresting and trying terrorists, not simply killing them – as we must do with serial killers, rapists, and would-be assassins. It involves intelligence-gathering, diplomacy, foreign aid, and working to alleviate the underlying grievances that drive human beings to kill innocent people for political ends.’ (David Cole, ‘The end of the war on terror?‘, New York Review of Books, 7 November 2013)

Writings and happenings

And a punt on public opinion

There’s a lot in this newsletter on war and alarums thereof. Which is fitting as we move into the Anzac season. Apropos, Honest History has been wondering about public opinion on Anzac. One gut feeling is that about one-third of Australians today are Anzac enthusiasts, about one-third are confirmed Anzac sceptics and one-third are indifferent. Any thoughts on this guess? As time permits, we are looking at past polling to find anything relevant.