Douglas, Bob: What will it take to restore governance to its rightful owners?

Bob Douglas

What will it take to restore governance to its rightful owners?’, Pearls and Irritations, 26 July 2018

Around the world, and also here in Australia, voters are turning away from the political process, alarmed at the capture of political parties by vested interests, and alienated by the fact that the issues which concern and affect ordinary people, are being ignored. Our social and economic system is moving both funds and influence away from people in the lower 60% of incomes and wealth, to those in the upper 10%.

Looks at some alternative ways of organising politics and restoring democracy. Mentions sustainability, community action, mass organising, and international collaboration. To what end?

We cannot go on growing in the way we are doing and must live within the constraints of the planet. As one of the richest and lowest taxing countries in the OECD, we can easily afford to collect more revenue to focus on giving all Australians a Fair Go, and on giving our descendants a healthy prospect of survival.

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