Conscription plebiscite centenary in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

Those who follow only the official Great War centenary bandwagon may not be keeping up with commemoration of events on the home front. Next Friday, 28 October, is the centenary of the first conscription referendum (technically a plebiscite) and events are under way in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney to mark the occasion. (Other cities, please advise.)

In Canberra, the local Labour History Society branch is running a seminar on Saturday, 29 October. Honest History is pleased to have a representative speaking. A new book on the conscription struggle is to be launched. Details. In Canberra also, on 4 November, the National Library is talking about its conscription collection.

In Melbourne, Brunswick and Coburg – appropriately given John Curtin lived in Brunswick – has lots happening. Here are the details.

In Sydney, get down to Marrickville, a suburb where the peace movement is still thriving. Again, details.

21 October 2016


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