ANZAC force vs Islamic State under discussion?

The Daily Telegraph and some New Zealand papers have reported discussions about Australia and New Zealand about a plan to send a combined Australia-New Zealand force of trainers, badged as ‘ANZAC’, to contribute to the fight against Islamic State militants. New Zealand Prime Minister Key has ‘scotched’ reports about a ‘combat force’ but admitted that there might be a joint training force.

The Daily Telegraph editorialised that

with the Anzac centenary year less than one month away, consideration is being given to a united Anzac taskforce that would further counter Islamic State’s terrorist forces in Iraq … [ISIS] are exactly the opposite of those who fight under the Anzac banner. They stand only for destruction. Who better to help deal with them than genuine Anzacs?

If discussion is indeed happening, an announcement on the outcome is expected before Christmas.

4 December 2014