ANU Historical Journal revived and relaunched: 16 May event in Canberra

Thursday, 16 May at 5.15 pm, the new Harry Hartog bookshop in the gleaming new Kambri precinct at ANU will see the launch of ANU Historical Journal II. Professor Nicholas Brown will do the honours and the guest speaker will be Emeritus Professor Iain McCalman.

Details are here. And more re the authors. RSVP is here. On 16 May the journal will go live on the ANUHJ website and it will be open access to all.

Some Honest History contributors and readers have been around long enough to remember the first version of the journal from 1964 to 1987 – and, indeed, to remember Allan Martin, in whose week the new version will be launched. We all of us wish version II all the very best.

Honest History will post a review of this edition soonish.

22 April 2019 updated