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Three thought-provoking foreign and defence policy posts (no, actually four) on the Pearls and Irritations blog

Even when the times are out of joint, the Australian media is not good at looking intelligently at issues of foreign and defence policy. Stories that can be linked to striking pictures – of oddball leaders gloating over missile test shots or eerily lit and clutching orbs in rich sandy kingdoms, of islands rapidly turning into military bases, of terrorist-claimed explosions in countries to which we have just rounded up our token ‘training’ commitments – get a run, but there is generally a lack of consistent and sensible writing about strategies and implications.

The Pearls and Irritations blog, wrangled by Honest History distinguished supporter, John Menadue, is an exception. Yesterday, we posted a Pearls and Irritations piece by Alison Broinowski (also Honest History vice president) on what might be called ‘the Merkel model’ for dealing with Trumpian Washington. Today, we link to these useful items:

David Stephens

31 May 2017