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The Constitution, White Australia and population shifts: recently on The Conversation

The online journal The Conversation continues to traverse a wide range of subject matter. Recently, we noted:

If your work gets into The Conversation please let us know and we may be able to kick it along a bit to our loyal followers.

Update 11 April 2017: the Goss and Jones pieces commence a series of explainers. Here is another one by Greg Melleuish on the birth of the Liberal Party. The full set of explainers links from here.

Update 18 April 2017: more explainers on how women gained the right to vote (James Keating) and the Labor split of 1955 (Paul Strangio).

Update 19-24 April 2017 : explainer by Anne Twomey on the Dismissal, 1975. Adam Webster on funding and federalism. Anthony Forsyth and Carolyn Holbrook on the prices and incomes accord.

10 April 2017 updated