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Stephens, David: Five arguments for downsizing Anzac

David Stephens

‘Five arguments for downsizing Anzac’, Teaching History (History Teachers’ Association of New South Wales), 49, 1, March 2015, pp. 16-19

Pdf accessible here made available by courtesy of HTANSW, which holds copyright.

We need to make Anzac less important than it is now and as it looks like being in the four years of its centenary. I am not talking about Anzac Day (provided it is done with dignity) but about the Anzac tradition, or myth, or legend, that ever-widening khaki thread that runs through our Australian national tapestry.

The five arguments are:

That is our legacy to future generations: the expectation that honouring the war dead of the past – carrying the torch – requires the preparedness to become the war dead of the future.

The article has comprehensive end-notes.

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