Some non-MSM media takes on Goodes are worth reading

We hope that both The Monthly Today and The Conversation are these days getting more readers than the venerable organs (or the organs owned by the venerable) but, just in case you missed them, here are links to Sean Kelly writing in the former (affirming that the Goodes debate is all about race) and Keith Parry in the latter (arguing that racism is endemic in Australian football and thus taking a historical view). And Liz Conor on our racism story.

There are some earlier pieces (also from non-MSM sources) in our First Peoples collection. There is also this from Jacqueline Nelson and Jessica Walton on ‘casual racism’ plus Natalie Cromb on much the same turf. Also Chris Graham from last year. Finally, get hold of Nick Bryant, who thoughtfully describes our – ‘casual racism’. And, if you wonder why we are highlighting this very current debate on a website that is ostensibly about history, then take the point that these attitudes didn’t develop overnight.

30 July 2015