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Recently on the Honest History site (21 March 2017)

Even as we work up towards the launch (actually launches) of The Honest History Book – very time-consuming – we continue to feed our voracious website with items we have gleaned from other sources and with commissioned (and sometimes unsolicited) material, as well. We manage a new post or two most days.

After a while under Latest Posts these new posts get poked under our thumbnails, ‘Top recent posts’, and sometimes ‘First Peoples’ or ‘Inequality’. (The latter two have been ‘special subjects’ for us and they are addressed in five of the 20 chapters of The Honest History Book.) In case you missed some recent item of interest, here is a taste. We have:

As we at Honest History say, ‘Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been’.

You will find that, after slipping down ‘Top recent posts’, items go to relevant tagged lists under ‘Themes‘, with the most recent items first. There are also separate listings of ‘Reviews‘, and ‘Features‘, and ‘References by author A-Z‘. Finally, we have a Search engine. If you would like a ‘daily feed’ of our latest posts, you can sign up for it right here.

21 March 2017