Recently on the Honest History site (13 December 2016)

As in recent months, we have been pushing quite a lot of material through the site, both commissioned work and links to other sources. Under our Top recent posts thumbnail you can find, for example,

  • commissioned reviews of books on the Sandakan camp and death march and on the conscription conflict in Australia during the Great War;
  • links to reports on Indigenous disadvantage, Australian social cohesion, and military suicide;
  • a piece about Anzackery in the Northern Territory;
  • lots of material on the implications of Trump;
  • a great Jonathan Green article from 2014 on why we try to define ourselves by our wars;
  • some musings on democracy and politics;
  • lots more.

As always, we pay tribute to the quality of material in Guardian Australia, Inside Story, Pearls and Irritations, The Conversation, and our other main sources.

13 December 2016



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