Menadue, John: how Kerr saved Fraser in 1975

Menadue, John

The Dismissal: how John Kerr saved Malcolm Fraser forty years ago‘, Pearls and Irritations, 5 November 2015

John Menadue, close to the events of the Dismissal, recalls some key events and attitudes.

Malcolm Fraser’s political life was saved by the premature intervention of John Kerr. In the process he destroyed Gough Whitlam. The reputation of Gough Whitlam is continually enhanced as more and more revelations keep piling up but a great injustice has been done to him.

Menadue’s earlier recollection, Jenny Hocking’s book and now the volume by Paul Kelly and Troy Bramston revisit these momentous times. And you can live tweet at MOADOPH. And there is Honest History’s collection of resources on Gough Whitlam. John Menadue is one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters. Paul Daley writes.

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