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Many facets of inequality revealed in online sources: Honest History miscellany

A current article in Guardian Weekly wonders if the abundance of online sources is killing memory. We don’t need to remember anything because we can look it up. Maybe.

The upside is the ease of finding information online – information that might previously have been locked away in expensive journals subject to ponderous production schedules. Inequality is a case in point: the collection of sources under our Inequality thumbnail grows pretty much weekly and most of the articles report extensive research by reputable bodies. The problem arises with the next step – doing something in a policy sense about what all these megabytes of evidence reveal to us.

A recent batch of articles that we linked to reveals again the breadth of the inequality issue, the number of its facets.

To sum up: very little of this research should surprise; the question asked or implied in all of it is: what happens next?

26 August 2016