Knaus, Christopher: Brendan Nelson warned to avoid “potential conflict” of paid role with Thales

Christopher Knaus

Brendan Nelson warned to avoid “potential conflict” of paid role with Thales‘, Guardian Australia, 24 May 2019

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information show that the then Minister, Senator Ronaldson, warned War Memorial Director Nelson of potential conflicts between his roles as a member of the Thales Australia Advisory Board and as Director. The article details a number of cases where the Director was involved with or praised Thales.

The Memorial’s spokesperson has responded: ‘Dr Nelson expresses his gratitude to all those companies, benefactors and individuals who support the Australian War Memorial in its mission to tell the stories of those men and women who have served our nation. He does not intend to stop doing so.’

Honest History notes that, since Minister Ronaldson, there have been four Ministers for Veterans’ Affairs. The article contains no evidence of any correspondence with these Ministers, or opinions expressed by them.

Earlier article.

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