Fairfax FOI claim exposes full details of Camp Gallipoli rort

Honest History followed the history of Camp Gallipoli until the venture crashed and burned a couple of years ago. Use our Search engine with term ‘Camp Gallipoli’ to find our reports.

The assiduous Chris Vedelago and Cameron Houston have used Freedom of Information to compile an epitaph for Camp Gallipoli. The most notable points from our point of view: (1) the number of distinguished people taken in – though some of them were paid for their endorsements; (2) the utter fizzer the venture proved in fund-raising for worthy causes like Legacy and the RSL – from an initial estimate of $900 000, to a revised estimate of $75 000, to the actual nil. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs limps out of the fiasco, with some questions about its oversight machinery.

We have quoted previously the remark of historian Peter Cochrane that draping the word ‘Anzac’ over an argument makes it sacrosanct. Seems to work for dodgy commemorative deals also.

David Stephens

22 April 2018



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