Davies, Robin & Andrew Rosser: FactCheck: What are the facts on Australia’s foreign aid spending?

Robin Davies & Andrew Rosser

FactCheck: What are the facts on Australia’s foreign aid spending?The Conversation, 31 January 2017

Questions the assertion by World Vision’s Tim Costello that Australia’s best foreign aid performance was under the Menzies government before 1966. Davies writes the article, Rosser vets it and Costello provides a brief response. While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when and at what level our best performance was, today we are way below it. There are graphs to support this claim, comparing the aid spend with national income and income per head.

‘Costello’s broader message – that Australia’s foreign aid generosity has diminished while Australians have become wealthier – is correct’, says Davies. ‘Aid generosity under Menzies was twice as high as it is now, even though per capita income was less than half of its present level.’ There are some related articles linked.


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