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February-March 2017

The bombing of Darwin and the Fall of Singapore, 75 years on: some alternative views. Moving right along. Running for Anzac. Alternative facts at the Australian War Memorial.

December 2016-January 2017

Camp Gallipoli stripped of charitable status. Peak Anzac passes as ministers come and go; elsewhere in this edition

October-December 2016

Holocaust exhibition at War Memorial. Top End Anzackery: an illustrated review note (featuring a mouse who flies a Spitfire). Beyond Gallipoli is a collection of new perspectives. Known unknowns. Australian War Memorial Annual Report 2015-16, another new exhibition and Story Time. Building the Ataturk Memorial in Canberra. Estimates Committee. Conscription plebiscite centenary in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. More on the speeches of Brendan Nelson. Tour operators gear up for 2017 and 2018 – but not on Cup Day in Melbourne. Fairly quiet on the Western District front (but Camp Gallipoli report received). New exhibitions at the War Memorial (and another important work). And by the way …

September-October 2016

Minister Tehan back in harness. Senator Ludlam is Greens’ spokesperson. Local Long Tan commemorations less controversial. ‘Anzackery’ definition has interesting background. Conscription battles need to be front and centre. Chance for a new legacy at the Australian War Memorial. War-related ‘think pieces’ on South Australian site. United States World War I commemoration cranks up.

July-August 2016

Australia’s Vietnam War – and keeping it in context. Military loved ones lost and how we failed them. Memories of war: A film and research project in Ballarat. Lone Pine commemorative service will not be held this year. Keith Murdoch. We can’t see the war for the memorials: balancing education and commemoration. Great War remembrance high in cost, low on inclusion for Australians.  Fromelles and Pozières centenary low-key. Me and my shadow. Queensland soldiers on. Bomber Command remembered. Honest History’s Alternative Guide to the Australian War Memorial goes from strength to strength. John Schumann’s ’19’ guitar. ‘Waltzing Matilda’ versions. Director Nelson speaks. Working in the Discovery Zone. ABC Monash decision. Dunera boys. ‘Bill’ Sweeting. Elsewhere.

June-July 2016

Official World War I memorial rituals could create a generation uncritical of the conflict. Australian War Memorial Council prefers not to hear about Honest History’s Alternative Guide to the Memorial. Battle of the Somme and the death of martial glory. Anti-war song; Memorial’s donations and sponsorship policy. Two invasions in Australian history: can we now stop using euphemisms about 25 April 1915? Anzac centenary minister Tehan makes announcements but not many speeches on record yet: will there be blood? ‘Remembering’ Jutland and the Somme. Dead parrot in Limestone Avenue. The alleged Ataturk words are inscribed in Canada. Tending, tangling, tendering and dividing

April-June 2016

Camp Gallipoli board statement regarding suggestions of financial impropriety. Honest History sends copy of Alternative Guide to Australian War Memorial to every member of Memorial Council. Poland vs history (Australian comparisons not far beneath). Anzac Day miscellany 2016 compared with 2015, 2014. Their Great War and ours: the commemorative view from Europe. How many went along this year? Poppies everywhere but silence on Ataturk. Lone Pines entwined? Minister Tehan: fairly quiet on the Western (District) Front. Washington Vietnam memorial appreciates Australian donation. Moreland and Gippsland. Chemicals of memory. Aotearoa New Zealand. New this time.

March-April 2016

Minister Tehan unpegs Camp Gallipoli. Glorifying the Anzac myth and our attitudes to violent men. Hard questions we should ask on Anzac Day 2016. A quieter year this year? Anzac Week news and reflections. Henry Reynolds’ Unnecessary Wars has contemporary relevance. Is Australia spending too much on the Anzac centenary? (a comparison with France plus a note about spending politics). Keeping up with the Anzac centenary: have we passed ‘Peak Anzac’? Protest at Turkish government treatment of dissidents. From the HH Archives: five April takes on Anzac and Anzackery. I didn’t raise my son to be a soldier. HH’s David Stephens on Perth 6PR. Drastic revision in Kiwi Gallipoli numbers. First World War Commemoration and Memory Conference, UK. Simpson Prize 2016. Situational awareness spreads like the cane toad. Teezily done. Martyrs’ Day 18 March. Turkey today. Soldier On and the rorts of Picardy. WA skint. Starting young. Agent Orange. Nationalism. Khaki politicians. Book reviews.

REL37512Collection of fundraising badges (mostly from during World War II) by Miss Janette Kitchener, Chatswood, NSW, c. 1927-50 (Australian War Memorial REL37512)

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