Bowen, Chris; The case for engagement with Asia

Chris Bowen

The case for engagement with Asia‘ (speech to the Asia Society), Chris Bowen, 29 September 2017 updated

Labor Shadow Treasurer says:

Australia needs a step change in our economic relationship with Asia. Our economic relationship with Asia has been integral to our twenty-six years of uninterrupted economic growth. But Asian economies are changing, and Australia isn’t keeping up.

We need a step change in our thinking. Not tinkering, not gradualism, but a fundamental whole of government, indeed whole of nation, effort to deepen and broaden our engagement with Asia.

If we want to keep up our record of economic growth, if we still want our place in the G20 in decades to come, I can think of few more important things to do than significantly improve our trade, investment, education and cultural links with Asia.

The speech brought forth comment from former senior public servant, John Menadue, academic and former UN official, Ramesh Thakur, and Honest History vice president, Alison Broinowski.

Update 17 October 2017: Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong to the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

Update 18 October 2017: Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

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