Blainey, Geoffrey: Before I Forget: An Early Memoir

Geoffrey Blainey

Before I Forget: An Early Memoir, Penguin Books, Melbourne, 2019; electronic version available

Before I Forget is the long-awaited memoir from Professor Geoffrey Blainey – Australia’s most significant and popular historian – that tells the story of the first forty years of his life, from his childhood to his career as historian and writer … Warm, insightful and lyrically written, Before I Forget recounts the experiences and influences that have shaped the astonishing mind of Australia’s most loved historian. But in this book Blainey has given us something more – a fascinating and affectionate social history in and of itself. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Derek Abbott. Other reviews: Nick Jensen in Reaction; Peter Craven in the Sydney Morning Herald; Ross Fitzgerald in the Sydney Institute Review of Books. The author talks to Phillip Adams on ABC Late Night Live.

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